Favourite Colour? Green
Favourite film? Notting Hill
What would you be if you weren’t a professional golfer?   Working in the sports world somehow
Favourite event on tour?  Oates Vic Open
Favourite sports teams? Aston Villa and anything Warwickshire
Favourite tv show?    House of Cards, Scandal, NCIS
Favourite country to visit? Australia
Favourite type food? Mexican
Favourite drink? Bottle of cold Corona or glass of red
Favourite course?     Majilis course at The Emirates, or New South Wales or Saunton Sands
What would your super power be?  The ability to read minds
Favourite city? London
Tea or coffee?  Coffee, milk no sugar please
Favourite meal?  Steak, chips, grilled tomato, onion rings
What music are you listening to? Ed Sheeran currently
What 3 things would you take to a desert island?    iPod, a broadband connection, my phone
Favourite club in the bag?   Driver
Most stupid rule?   When the ball finishes in a divot, so annoying
Favourite chocolate bar?  Cadbury’s caramel
Do you have any superstitions?   A fair few